November 6, 2020

Physical Activity Ideas

Physical Activity IdeasYou know, exercise is important for weight loss and good health, but it’s not an immediate step towards your goals. 

And if you work out an hour a day, there are 23 more — and you can’t afford to be inactive to all of them. 

That’s where thermogenesis of non-exercise behavior, also referred to as NEAT exercise, comes in.

NEAT is a physiologist ‘s word for unstructured movement; walking the dog, wacking golf balls, or working in the garden are all good examples. 

NEAT can happen indoors or outdoors. It may be short or long, lonely or social, meaningful or enjoyable. 

That’s what’s great about NEAT: it’s capable of adapting, safe, effortless, and easy to integrate into your life.

Alternatively, jogging, weightlifting, performing martial arts, and other types of exercise do not qualify as NEAT…

Because they are intense, disciplined, and purposeful; you practice them to produce a particular response from your body, and usually monitor the performance to ensure that you get better at them. 

That’s why the word “NEAT exercise” is a misleading term — it can’t be an exercise if it isn’t an exercise.

Recommended Daily Level Of Physical Activity Ideas

NEAT is not just an addition to daily exercise — it is crucial to health and wellness. 

Research shows that daily exercise, even an hour a day is not enough to offset the effects of a largely sedentary lifestyle. 

So we have to get on our feet more often than not.

The important question is: how often and how much?

One response is “as much as possible.” We know that resting hard on your joints, your metabolism, and your body makeup…

And walking alone can alleviate anxiety, boost core stability and posture, burn calories, and boost blood sugar. 

The more time you spend on your feet — or fidgeting, or throwing a ball, or doing housework — the healthier.

A much more useful answer: try to get more than you’re getting right now. 

Many smartphones, and a lot of smart watches, come with an app that monitors daily activity. 

So check your average for the last week or so. If you try to log 2,000 steps a day this week, see if you can average 2,500 next week, 3,000 next week, and so on. 

10,000 steps a day — above and beyond your daily exercise routine — is the benchmark.

Use NEAT Exercises to Complement Your Workouts

10 Thousand steps is 90 to 100 minutes of walking a day — a high order for a lot of busy people. Here are several methods to pull this off:

1. Walk and talk to someone.

Neat Exercise - Walk and talk to someone

Most people with office jobs spend hours on the phone every day…

There’s no need to wait on such calls at your desk. Get up and walk across the room, flatten your desk, or — weather and land permitting — walk around the block. (Two 15-minute phone calls = approximately 3,000 steps).

2. Get an app right now. 

Do you need some support and structure for your walks? 

Check for an app’s walking programs and rehabilitation workouts. Take one that suits your ideal strength and length, and let the trainer do the rest. (One walking rest time of 25 mins = approx. 2,500 steps).

3. Netflix and move around. 

Don’t just lie there while you’re watching TV. Get down on the floor, do some leg lifts, some hip mobility exercises, some stretches. (15 mins of stretching = equal to 750 steps).

4. Podcast is your housework 

Do you have a favorite podcast? They’re not there for your trip. 

We recommend putting on your headphones and whipping through some household tasks while you’re listening. 

(25 mins cleaning, dusting, dishes = approx. 2,000 steps).

5. Plan walking to meet-ups 

The coffee shop is not the only place to meet your friends: it’s the hiking trail, the museum, or anywhere you can connect while you’re on your feet. 

Note, it doesn’t have to be difficult: just keep going. (A 1-hour walk through the park = approximately 4,500 steps).

6. Reframe time for parenting 

Have you got little ones? Get down with them on the board. 

Physical Activity Ideas - Reframe Time For Parenting

Play their sports with them, walk with them. They’ll see that being involved is vital to you, and you’re both going to get some movement as well as some having fun together. (30 mins of playtime = equal to 1,500 steps).

7. Be a NEAT freak person. 

Potential to switch are all over the place: pick a parking area a few hundred yards from the entrance to the mall…

Take the stairs instead of the elevator; walk instead of taking the three blocks to and from the grocery store. 

Individually, non of these techniques are time consuming, but they add up to more time on your feet, less time on your sofa, and enhanced health and fitness. (Other tasks in all: 750 steps)

We hope these Physical Activity Ideas are helpful & we believe that you gain enough knowledge to know the importance of physical activities daily.

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