October 31, 2020

Paleo Vegan Diet

For someone familiar with both a vegan diet & the paleo diet, the term “Paleo vegan diet” possibly sounds a bit like an odd statement. 

The Paleo diet brings meat, meat, and more meat to mind, while vegans shun not only meat, but all animal products completely. 

For perhaps more of a contrast, the Paleo diet ignores grains, which are also the key source of complementary amino acids in vegan diets.

But amid these extreme variations, the idea of a vegan paleo diet is very much a thing in certain areas of the Internet. 

If you think it sounds like a pretty damn restrictive diet … it’s because it is. 

There are many challenges to being vegan and adopting the Paleo rules, so you need to do your study into it before you make the move. 

Here’s what you need to know about Paleo, vegan, and how people choose to incorporate the two forms of eating into one diet.

Vegan vs Paleo Diet

A vegan diet is a purely plant-based diet and forbids something of animal origin. This means no beef, fish, dairy, poultry, eggs or even honey. 

“Anything that is an animal or comes from an animal is essentially out of bounds,” says professional nutritionists.  

Vegans instead eat fruits, berries, seeds, legumes, beans, grains, avocados, olives, nuts, and vegetable oils.

The Paleo (or Paleolithic) diets are a representation of what our early ancestors ate. 

However, there is no clear agreement in the scientific community that their diet actually consisted of, so if you check online or read diet books…

You’ll find a number of alternatives to modern Paleo diets that are suited to today’s lifestyle and food.

In general, however, the foods that Paleo consumes include meat , fish & other seafood, most vegetables, some fruit, nuts, poultry, eggs, seeds, and healthy fats

The diet bans all grains, beans, dairy products, legumes, anything containing refined sweeteners, and high starch veggies such as white potatoes.

So What Is The Paleo Vegan Diet?

Pegan Diet for health

Combine the Paleo diet and the vegan diet, and you’ll have the Paleo Vegan diet. The origins of this diet are unclear, but technically, practitioners consume a very small range of food. 

Individually, Paleo and Vegan diets are restrictive, so the merger is really intense. 

A strict Paleo vegan diet will allow for vegetables, certain fruits, nuts and seeds. 

However, those who claim they are vegan followers of Paleo prefer to eat with a little more leeway. 

For example, some may also eat fermented soya and soaked beans and legumes to get a little more protein,

Others may follow what Mark Hyman, MD, has termed as the “Pegan diet.” 

This allows for vegetables, fruits, eggs, seeds, nuts , low-mercury fish, moderate amounts of beans…

And small quantities of grass-fed meat and low-glycemic gluten-free grains, so that it is neither completely paleo nor vegan. 

But it has a strong vegan aspect, as Hyman advises making 75% of your diet and using meat as a seasoning or side dish while you’re preparing your meal.

Is It Healthier To Be Paleo Vegan?

Given how limited food options are on a strict Paleo vegan diet, nutrition experts are concerned about this meal plan. “Your options are so small, so you’re basically eating a lot of the same thing,” Kubal says – a professional nutritionist. This makes it difficult (if not almost impossible) to feed, bores the taste buds, and most importantly, can also contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

The greatest challenge to implement the two programs combined into a T would be to receive enough nutrients day after day, “Maguire says. You can have trouble getting enough protein (especially all essential amino acids), fiber, B vitamins, and vitamin D. And even on the Pegan diet plan.

If you’re not doing it right, you can still lose out on nutrients.

Paleo Vegan Diet – Final Words

If you’re thinking of adopting to a vegan paleo diet, ask yourself why.. Find out what your ultimate objective is…

Would you like to lose weight? Do you have a moral duty to consume animal products? 

If you can reach that goal in a less restrictive way for your body and mind, go in that direction. Don’t let your diet drive you crazy.

Rather than consuming Paleo, Vegan, or Pegan, it is always advisable to take a diet that has no name. 

The easiest way to pursue the ‘Paleo vegan diet’ is to make it your own and tailor it to meet your needs and desires. 

Take parts of each principle and combine them in a way that is nutritionally healthy.

You may also consider working with a certified dietitian to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need. 

He or she should customize your diet to your objectives if you’re trying to lose weight, balance blood sugar, boost exercise performance, or have a health problem that requires nutritional therapy.

The Pegan Diet (Paleo-Vegan) Explained | Dr. Mark Hyman

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