November 7, 2020

Is walking a good workout

Walking is undoubtedly one of the simplest, most open ways to get around. But, if you were thinking, “Is walking a good workout?” You’re not alone here.

Nowadays, after all, the most common workouts seem to be all about going hard, cranking up the volume, and getting more or less reduced to a trembling puddle of sweat — not really walking the M.O.

That’s all right! No matter your fitness level or workout experience, you will reap some serious benefits by adding walking to your daily routine.

So Is Walking A Good Workout?

Quick answer: Absolutely Yes!

Research shows that even slight upgrades in your regular step count can dramatically boost overall health. 

5 Walking Exercise Benefits:

Cardiac health:

Walking is pumping the heart. In addition, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory research may have just as much value in promoting cardiovascular health as it does in running health.

Brain function:

Getting moving has great benefits for cognitive wellbeing. 

walking benefits study

Study in stroke patients indicates that average walking speed raises the body’s level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein that promotes brain health.


Take a step towards clearing your head. In a small sample of young adults, taking a 10-minute walk instantly and dramatically changed mood. The study indicates that walking can serve as a kind of active meditation.

Bone strength:

walking is a weight-bearing task, affecting the bones as well as the muscles, tendons and ligaments that attach them to a more stable structure.

 In fact , research shows that the regular step count (along with the body weight and the amount of force you put into the ground with each step) more accurately predicts the bone density of the femur (your thigh bone) compared to the conventional measures used.

Weight loss:

will walking help you lose your weight? Most certainly! It is also very useful in helping to enhance the regulation of blood sugar

By reducing blood sugar levels and subsequent insulin spikes, walking can be particularly helpful in helping to maintain healthy levels of belly fat, also called abdominal or visceral fat

This form of fat is susceptible to elevated blood sugar and can increase insulin resistance.

Question: Can You Lose Weight By Walking?

As long as walking exercise is part of the general lifestyle that generates a calorie deficit…

Where you burn more calories every day than you gain in your diet (all food and drink)—you lose weight.

The exact amount of calories burned on the way varies. 

Although a person weighing 180 pounds burns approximately 100 calories per mile on flat land at an average walking pace, a person weighing 120 pounds burns approximately 65 calories per mile at the same pace.

How’s that going to help you achieve your weight-loss goals? In one study in 2017, when people adopted a low-calorie diet

Those who also exercised at a moderate pace for 2 hours and 30 minutes per week lost an average of 19.4 pounds in 12 weeks. 

Those who only dieted lost 15.4 pounds in the same amount of time. Walkers have lost slightly more of their weight from fat than other factors such as lean muscle.

“Walking” A Great Exercise for Weight Loss & Fitness, If You Know These Secrets! – Bob And Brad (Famous Physical Therapists

Is Walking 30 Minutes A Day Enough Exercise

Walking is a low to medium intensity level of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. 

U.S. Federal Guidelines recommend that adults conduct at least 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week for general health.

Is Walking A Good Workout


This is equal to walking for 30 minutes five days a week at least up to 60 minutes five times a week. You can walk 10 to 20 miles in a week at that speed and frequency!

If that’s a little tough for your schedule, and it’s hard to find time to work out, the recommendations also mention that, for better health… 

You’ll need to spend less total time doing aerobic exercise if you raise the intensity.

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