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Paleo Vegan Diet

Paleo Vegan Diet – Is it Possible? (2021 Revelation)

For someone familiar with both a vegan diet & the paleo diet, the term “Paleo vegan diet” possibly sounds a bit like an odd statement.  The Paleo diet brings meat, meat, and more meat to mind, while vegans ...

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Vegan Myths - 5 Vegan Myths That You Need To Debunk 33

Vegan Myths – 5 Vegan Myths That You Need To Debunk in 2021

Vegan Myths – 5 Vegan Myths That You Need To Debunk in 2020 – Like red eyeshadow and mom’s jeans, vegan diet is on the trend. But it’s not fading: the number of people identified as vegan continues ...

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Essential Nutrients 101

Essential Nutrients 101 – What’s Essential For A Healthy Diet

If you’re one of the millions of people who use a calorie tracking app? If so, you’re no stranger to balancing your daily protein , carbohydrate, and fat intake.  But why do we need these and other nutrients ...

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common diet mistakes

7 Most Common Diet Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

Common Diet Mistakes – “Diets don’t work.” It’s a general expression that’s used to dismiss common fad diets (and understandably so)… But it’s not particularly helpful if you intend to change your eating habits in a healthy manner. ...

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